We all have the knowledge that we should take very good care of our body and give it the adequate attention that it needs.Yet everyday we apply chemicals to our body, be it soaps, lotions including cosmetics. There are certain chemicals in contact with our body which are not good for our health.In addition to taking organic foods we should also use organic cosmetics on our body to achieve healthy and good skin.

Organic cosmetics are those that are produced, manufactured and distributed through organic means. The ingredients are grown without herbicides, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, GMO and so on and always comes with organic certifications. Here is a closer look of how organic cosmetics is important:

1. Chemicals which our body system silently absorb namely coal tar, mercury, copper, benzoate, artificial colors, aluminum and other chemicals with various levels of toxins are found in chemical cosmetics that promise to make our skin and faces look smooth as well better our complexion unlike organic ones..

2. Organic cosmetics and products are environmentally friendly. The more we buy organic products means that there will be less sale for chemical cosmetics due to low demand, thereby leading to fewer production and less waste product that affect the environment negatively..

3. There are increasing studies showing connection between illness and chemicals. We need to reduce the exposure to chemicals. They are simply not necessary in skin care. They are usually fast acting and invasive. Sometimes this exposure leads to skin irritation, cancer, chronic headaches, hormone imbalance and breathing issues which is unlikely to be encountered in organic beauty products..

4. When you choose organic cosmetics, you are using product whose ingredients work with the complex natural system of your body. Our skin has the ability to care for and repair itself if given the right nutrient. It is medically proven that what goes into your body flows in the bloodstream and it’s carried through the body.

I hope this has been a helpful introduction as to why organic cosmetics is important. there are many benefits to using organic beauty products, most importantly they better your health and work in a way that last a lifetime. hence I urge you to continue using organic cosmetics.