Most in the Handmade Cosmetic and Soap Industry started making soaps and lotions out of a desire to provide themselves and family with more natural based skin care products. Before they knew it, friends and extended family were appreciating the product quality and offering to pay for small batch extras. From there many profitable microbusinesses are born.

Handmade soap and cosmetic companies take pride in the products they make and are committed to producing the safest products possible. Using largely food-grade ingredients, handmade cosmetic makers produce products that are used on their children, family, friends and are sold face-to-face to neighbors and valued customers.

Handmade soap and cosmetic businesses are very small and cater to customers who wish natural-based custom products. Handmade soaps and cosmetics are usually sold at local farmers markets, craft shows, boutique stores, home parties, and community fundraisers.

Burt’s Bees, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Aveda and Proctor & Gamble all started by making handmade products. The Handmade Cosmetic Alliance has the mission of preserving this industry so existing businesses can continue to provide high quality products to their customers and that future generations will be afforded the same opportunity.


Comprised of over 250,000 small businesses.
Ninety-five (95) percent are woman-owned.
Each small business averages between 1 to 3 employees.
Over 250,000 to 750,000 jobs are created from the handmade industry.
Ninety-five (95) percent of the ingredients can be purchased at local grocery stores. The remaining 5% are ingredients deemed safe when used as directed by the ingredient manufacturers.
Many small businesses dream of becoming the next Burt’s Bees or Mary Kay Cosmetics, both of which started out as handcrafted businesses.
We regularly meet with elected officials to stress the economic impact of passing legislation without microbusiness considerations.

We support safe cosmetics. We do not support over regulation that will force microbusinesses to shut their doors while having no impact on cosmetic safety.