9456134_sIt is no secrets that women put tremendous importance on the look and the quality of their hair. A good hair will make you feel good about yourself thus boosting your self-esteem. However ladies in Portland are not able to find a good hair stylist. So how can you can you locate a good hairstylist in Portland? Below are 3 tips to help you.

  1. Talk to people

If you are having problems to find a good hair stylist in Portland then one of the best ways to find one is to talk to people for referrals. Of course you want to talk to those who have healthy shiny hair that you admire. If you notice that someone has a beautiful hair style that you admire be it your friend, family member or colleague, just walk straight to her and compliment her hairstyle. Ladies love compliments and when you do that you will actually open her up into telling you who does her hair.

  1. Research  

With advancement in technology, access to information has become easier. Researching online can also help you to get find your dream hair stylist. However when researching make sure you visit your preferred hair stylist website and look for customer review. It is very important to read customer reviews to know what other clients who have used the services of the hair stylist are saying about him/her. If current and previous clients are happy with his/her services, then you should consider using the services of that particular hair stylist.

  1. Know what you want.

The only way to locate the best hair stylist in Portland is by knowing what you want. How do you want your hair done? By knowing the type of service to expect from a hair stylist, you will easily locate one. Just by interviewing you shortlisted hairstylists, you will be able to know who is best qualified to take care of your hair. On the hand if you are not sure of what you want, you will easily be tricked by incompetent people who are claiming to be hair stylists because they want to cash from you.