Since 2007, the Handmade Cosmetic Alliance leadership team has successfully worked with federal legislators to preserve the handmade cosmetic and soap industry while fostering the community based main street jobs they support.The HCA has four simple messages for legislators:

Support the production of safe cosmetics by making available to consumers and industry data and information on ingredients of concern. Handmade cosmetic companies do not invent ingredients. These small businesses primarily use food-grade ingredients that can, and often are, purchased in local grocery stores. Handmade cosmetic companies should be exempt from product registration and ingredient filings with the FDA since handmade products already bear labels with all ingredients listed.
Support policies and legislation to promote continued growth and success for the small handmade cosmetics in the United States. Small handmade cosmetic companies, producing personal care products for topical use, should not be subject to stricter government oversight than small food industry producers and farmers. Congress stood with small business by including exemptions in the the Food Modernization and Safety Act, the 300,000 handmade cosmetic companies in the U.S. seeks similar accommodations.
Support small business exemptions for cosmetic companies with average sales less than two million dollars ($2,000,000) per year for the past 3 years. Small producer exemptions would include registration, fees, batch and formula reporting.
Support handmade cosmetic businesses by providing publically accessible federal resources to
promote growth of these emerging companies in the United States.